Vendor Information


Inside Space 7.5x10- $150

Inside Space 10x10 - $180

Outside 10x10- $120

Boutique - $120 + 10%

Hours:  10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, and it will be for us. Please be ready by the time we 


Set-Up Time:  The building will be open at 7:00 on Friday for set-up. Please come to the table outside the front door of the building to locate your space. On Saturday morning we will open the doors for the vendors at 8:00 for you to refresh your displays. 

 Parking:  You may park anywhere to unload on Friday, but then MOVE YOUR CAR before you start to set-up, so other vendors may also unload. Cars should be parked on the side streets away from the building. If you do not do move your car you will not be invited back next year. Parking should be for our customers!        


 Inside:  The building will be locked at 5:oo on Friday evening, the building will not be unlocked until we arrive at 8:00 Saturday. While neither the sponsors of the show nor San Luis Obispo County (who own the building) will be liable for loss of your property, this is a very secure building and we have not had any problems in the past.  

 Outside: The only difference in the set-up of outside, is that you will get customers earlier than vendors that are inside. We also do not have tables for outside spaces, so be prepared to bring your own.  SECURITY will be on hand from 6:00 p.m. Friday night to 6:oo a.m. Saturday.  

 Display of Wares:  If you have reserved tables they will be in your space when you arrive. Chairs are available at no charge, but please put them away at the end of the show. Only display what you have handmade and listed on your application. We will ask you to put all other items away! 

 Electricity:  If you requested access to electricity on your application, you will be put in a space that has an outlet or a shared power strip. Vendors are responsible for their own extension cords and lights. The building is old and the lighting is poor, if you need electricity the time to let us know is now, once spaces with electricity are taken we can not add more. No extra cords will be put across the aisles of the show.  

Clean Up: We would appreciate your cooperation in taking down your booth as soon AFTER  4:00 on Saturday as possible, but not before! Bring enough help to have all items out of the building by 5:00 on Saturday. Please leave your area clean and return your chairs to the racks.  

Sales Tax: All vendors must have a Sellers Permit from the California State Board of Equalization. You must provide your number on the application. You are responsible for handling your own sales tax.  

Food: A food concession will be operating outside both days for you and the customers. Any other food sold must have prior approval and be packaged. You must have a permit from the Health Department with the number included on your application.  

Door Prizes:  We will again be asking vendors to donate door prizes. These should be marked with either your business card or a card listing any information you would like the recipient to know. We will have a table for you to bring your door prizes after you get set up. We plan to draw every 20 minutes. This has been very successful—the customers like it, it showcases items that are being sold and where the booth is and provides us with a mailing list to send postcards to our customers each year.

APPLICATION 2020 (pdf)