Central Coast Craft Fair

Vendor Information

 HOURS:  The fair will run from 10:00am through 4:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.  You will be expected to leave your booth up BOTH days until closing.

 SETUP TIME: The building will be open by 7:00 a.m. on Friday for set-up.  Early Set-Up can be purchased at time of application.  The building will not be ready for you before that time, as we have to mark off spaces and get the tables in place.  Please come to the table outside the front door of the building to check in and locate your space. Please be ready for customers when the doors open at 10:00. We will open it for you at 8:00 on Saturday morning, with the show starting at 10. 

 PARKING:  You may park near the front or the back doors while unloading--then please MOVE YOUR CAR as far from the building as possible in order to provide parking for customers!  This is very important—vendors who do not cooperate in moving cars will not be invited back next year!  If vendors park in front of the building or fill up the parking lot, you will lose customers!

 INSIDE SECURITY: While neither the sponsors of the show nor San Luis Obispo County (which owns the building) will be held liable for loss of your property, this is a very secure building and we have had no problems in the past. 

 OUTSIDE AREA: Those setting up outside should follow the same guidelines for setup on Friday morning and take down on Saturday evening as those inside.  However, no security will be provided for these outside spaces and you will need to take down Friday night and set up again Saturday morning.  If you decide to leave your setup, you may do so at your own risk!  If you are using tables from the Vets Building, you must place them inside before the building is locked at 4:30pm on Friday. 

 TAKE-DOWN AND CLEANUP:  We will appreciate your cooperation in taking down your booth as soon after 4:00 on Saturday as possible, but not before—please do not start packing up before 4:00!  Bring enough help to have all items out by 5:30, as we must clean and be out by 6:00!  Please help us by leaving your area CLEAN--all trash removed and spots on floor wiped up--chairs returned to racks. 


DISPLAY OF WARES: Each inside space in the main hall is approximately 10' wide x 8' deep.  Spaces in the lobby  are about 10’ wide by 6’ deep. Outside spaces are 10’ wide by 10’ deep or more.  You may arrange your tables however you wish within your space.  You will be expected to provide all tables, etc., except for those tables you have reserved.  In most cases, there is room for two of the 8’ tables within your space.  If you wish to make a U-shape, you will need to use a shorter table between two 8’ tables. There will be no partitions provided between spaces.   Chairs will be available for your use at no charge as long as you put them away at the end of the fair. Please let us know immediately if you have special needs, such as electrical outlets, if you did not indicate this on your reservation form.  If you are using electricity, please bring extension cords and duct tape to cover the cords! 

 SPACE LOCATION:  Exact location of spaces will not be finalized until a few days before the show, as we attempt to provide the best possible location for each participant based on the type of their wares. 

 BOUTIQUE participants will receive special setup information..  This area will have a central cashier.  The rest of the show will consist of  individual spaces manned by the vendors.

 HANDCRAFTED:  We require that merchandise be handcrafted by the seller.  NO COMMERCIAL ITEMS!!!  Customers expect this and are disappointed if they find booths with other types of merchandise.  We reserve the right to ask you to remove items we consider unacceptable.  All items for sale in the booth, must have been listed on your application.

SALES TAX.  Vendors must have a Sellers Permit from the California State Board of Equalization.  If you do not already have a permit, you may obtain one from the Board of Equalization by calling their office in Bakersfield—661-334-2880—or the office nearest you.  Applications are also available on the Internet.  You are responsible for handling your own sales tax--you may add it to individual sales or charge a round figure and pay tax later on total sales.

CHANGE: Please remember to bring plenty of change for your booth!

FOOD:  A food concession and barbecue will be operating outside all day for you and the customers.  Any other food sold must have prior approval and be packaged.  Please do not take food or drinks into the main room with the hardwood floor.

ADVERTISING:  We will be advertising county-wide in November through the newspapers, radio, signs, posters and flyers.  We will also be mailing cards to our mailing list of those who attended the last two years.  You will want to spread the word through your acquaintances and organizations.  Enclosed are some flyers to post or hand out—and a master if you wish to make additional copies.  Remember--a successful fair depends on ALL of us!

DOOR PRIZES: We will again be asking vendors to donate door prizes from your wares.  These should be marked with either your business card or a card listing any information you would like the recipient to know.  We will have a table for you to bring your door prizes AFTER you get set up.  (This will probably be in the hallway again.)  We plan to draw every 20 min.  This has been very successful--the customers like it, it creates good will, and it provides us with the mailing list for customers!

 CHILDREN:  Do yourself and other vendors a favor—don’t bring small children with you to the fair.  It is too difficult to man your booth and watch over them at the same time.  Our past experience is that children get bored easily and cause a disruption to customers and other vendors.

 GETTING TO THE FAIR: From Northbound 101, take Grand Avenue exit, right on Grand.  Vets Building is a few blocks on your right!  From Southbound 101, take first SLO exit (Monterey).  Turn left over freeway, right onto Monterey.  Short distance to Grand--turn right.  Note the small map on the enclosed flyers!

 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: We have tried to think of most of the things you will need to know, but in case we have not answered all your questions, do not hesitate to call!



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